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Our family has been providing superior appliance repair to Central Florida homeowners for more than 30 years.

Expert Appliance Repair

As Central Florida’s leading home appliance repair service, we offer same day, in-home service on all major appliances including, but not limited to:

We Service Electric, Gas and Propane Appliances!

Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday 8am – 5pm, Friday 8am – 4pm

About Hartman’s Appliance Repair Service

Our family operated team of service technicians have over thirty years of experience repairing every type of major home appliance.

We are committed to providing the friendliest, most reliable, same-day service to our customers while offering the most reasonable rates in the industry. With Hartman’s Appliance Repair Service, you can be rest assured that we will have your appliance repaired and in top working order quickly and efficiently, at the lowest cost possible. All of our repairs are 100% guaranteed.

Why Choose Hartman’s Appliance Repair Service?

Our highly trained repair technicians are available for all of your home appliance repair needs.

  • More than 30 years experience
  • Family owned and operated
  • Experienced on all major appliances
  • Licensed and insured
  • Guaranteed parts and service
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

Quick and Reasonable Repairs

Finding a reputable appliance repair company who offers quick and reasonable repair services for homeowners and commercial businesses is no longer a challenge. After all, you’ve found our company!

More Than 3 Decades of Experience

We have been providing Orlando & Central Florida Appliance Repair services to our customers for more than 3 decades. Our customers are our best form of advertisement because they love us!

Other Orlando & Central Florida Appliance Repair companies try to outshine our experienced team, but they fall short. Not only are our technicians highly trained, they treat you and your home the way you would expect – professionally and with the highest level of courtesy.

Orlando & Central Florida Appliance Repair technicians are standing by waiting for your call!

Family Owned & Operated

Our family owned and operated Orlando & Central Florida Appliance Repair business makes small and large repairs on all major appliances throughout the area with minimal effort on the homeowner or the business owner. Simply give us a call and one of our Orlando & Central Florida Appliance Repair technicians will be out to service your appliance at a time that’s convenient to you.

Affordable and Fast

Often our Orlando & Central Florida Appliance Repairs are made on the same day. How is that possible? Our Orlando & Central Florida Appliance Repair technicians will come to your home or office in a completely stocked work truck. We ensure our technician’s success in a one-call resolution for a large number of service calls by making sure they have what they need on each of the vehicles in our fleet.

Worried about the cost of your Orlando & Central Florida Appliance Repair? Don’t be worried. We are able to offer the most reasonable rates in the industry and the friendliest, most reliable service. Your Orlando & Central Florida Appliance Repair will be completed before you know it and you can be rest assured to be satisfied with the results. We guarantee it.

Give us a call and get your Orlando & Central Florida Appliance Repair completed today!


Hartman\'s Appliance Repair
4.8 out of 5 stars
148 reviews
Hartman\'s Appliance Repair
5 out of 5 stars
Great service !!!
Hartman\'s Appliance Repair
1 out of 5 stars
“UPDATE: Reply to owner's reply. We did not question the time you said you needed. When we called you, we explicitly said we wanted you to replace the icemaker. We DID NOT ask you to come out and diagnose it. Pretty simple, really. But...” View All let's assume you DID want to diagnose it first - why would you not bring a replacement with you? We gave you the refrigerator model AND serial number, so you should have known the exact icemaker required. Oh, I see - that way you can hit us with another service call. The good news is we have found another repairman. Good riddance to you. We have been avid customers of Hartman's for 17 years, but the experience we had a couple days ago was beyond bizzare. We called about a week ago and told them our icemaker stopped working and we'd like them to replace it. We gave them both the model number and serial number of the refrigerator so they could be sure to get the correct icemaker. They gave us an appointment for six days after that, which we assumed was to give them enough time to get the correct icemaker. So they show up, come into the kitchen, and ask what we want them to do. WHAT? We restated what we told them when we made the appointment. Then they said they didn't bring an icemaker with them. Again - WHAT? Then they said they could order one and return to install it once they received it. Amazing! We politely told them that was unacceptable and to please get out of our house. If you decide to use Hartman's, I wish you well.”
Hartman\'s Appliance Repair
5 out of 5 stars
Nice folks who did a good job. That's all that matters, really.

We Repair All Major Brand Appliances

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